After long thought, I've decided to give up on the usual online channels for music distribution, as it seems to me they're staying alive on the backs of independent artists rather than helping them out. For physical CDs (which I still like best), you can order direct from me, either via the Paypal button below or by mailing a cheque to Scott Cook, 3 Meredian Road, Sherwood Park, AB, T8A 0N5, Canada. Prices are $20 for one CD, $35 for 2, $45 for 3 and $55 for 4. Please specify which ones you want, and who you'd like them signed to. And please add $5 for orders from outside Canada and the US.

For digital downloads, I can't stomach iTunes' 30% cut, so I've decided to go with CD Baby, a much better deal for artists with a modest 10% charge. The online store widget is below. And below that, there are still links to some free mp3s. Thanks for your support!

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My albums: (click song name to play, right-click (PC) or ctrl-click (Mac) to download)

  Scott Cook - Further Down the Line, 2017

1. Further Down the Line
2. Dogs and Kids
3. Alberta, You're Breaking My Heart (with Benjamin James Caldwell)
4. Careful With My Heart (by Heather Styka)
5. Your Sweet Time
6. If He Showed Up Now
7. Walk That Lonesome Valley (traditional/Scott Cook)
8. Fellas, Get Out the Way
9. Kitchen Dance Party On
10. Learning To Let Go

  Scott Cook and the Long Weekends - Go Long, 2015

1. Long Weekends Theme
2. Will the Circle Be Unbroken?
3. Tax Free Money (by Scotty Dunbar)
4. A Lifer for a Wifer
5. I Live Down Here (with Raghu Lokanathan)
6. Sweet Maddie Spawton
7. Drink Poverty History
8. Talkin' Anthropocalypse Blues
9. The Kid with the Comic Book (by Trevor Mills)
10. Come This Far
11. The Day That You Were Born
12. That's Life (Loving You Right Back) (by Corin Raymond)
13. While the Party's Still Going

  Scott Cook - One More Time Around, 2013

1. Pass It Along
2. Among the Trees
3. Mama Always Said
4. When We're Back Around
5. You Don't Find Out in the End
6. Use Your Imagination
7. Broke, and So Far From Home
8. New Grist
9. The Poet Game (by Greg Brown)
10. One More Time Around

  Scott Cook - Moonlit Rambles, 2011

1. Song for the Slow Dancers
2. Goin Up to the Country
3. Let Your Horses Run
4. High and Lonesome Again
5. A Million Miles
6. The Lord Giveth (and the Landlord Taketh Away)
7. All My Moonlit Rambles
8. Time with You
9. Go On, Ray
10. Song for a Pilgrim

  Scott Cook - This One's on the House, 2009

1. Carving Stone
2. This One's on the House (the Hobo Song)
3. Lucky Star
4. The Dirt on your Heart
5. The Ramblin' Kind
6. Shady Grove (traditional)
7. People, Please
8. If It Won't Break Your Heart
9. Day After Tomorrow (by Tom Waits)
10. This Old World's Got its Secrets to Keep

  Scott Cook - Long Way to Wander, 2007

1. Fish Jumpin
2. My Grandma
3. Guanyin
4. Keep Rollin
5. Worried Blues
6. When the Lights Go Down
7. The Bus Song
8. Moonlight Avenue
9. So Lonesome
10. Long Way to Wander
11. Wayside
  The Anglers - A Quarter Ounce of Prevention, 2003

1. Natural Way
2. Go Ahead Babe
3. Lonely Days
4. Out On the Road
5. I Don't Mind
5. Out There in the Evening
7. What Was It I Was Looking For?
8. The Real Revolution
9. Keep Pushing

  the smoking cones - hypocrisy, 2003

Made in Taiwan. Crees Thompson (vocals, trumpet), Dylan Rankin (guitar, vocals), Paul Head (saxophone, vocals), Scott Cook (bass, vocals), Duncan Shelwell & Pierre Lesage (drums). Roots rock reggae. Good times. Once billowing, currently smouldering. We've got some copies still lying around somewhere.

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  lux - the plot thickens, 1997

My first record, a drum n bass outing, a 73 minute symphony. Still sounds alright to me. Send me money of any denomination & I'll burn you a copy. Or just ask real nicely.

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