A roots balladeer with a rare personal warmth, Canada's Scott Cook has managed to distil the stories collected over a decade of near-incessant touring across Canada, the USA, Europe, Asia, and Australia into straight-talking, keenly observant verse. Road-worn, painfully honest, and deeply human, his tunes weave threads of folk, roots, blues, soul and country over spacious fingerstyle guitar and clawhammer banjo arrangements. His fourth release, One More Time Around, was nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award, and its opening track "Pass It Along" won the Folk and Acoustic category in the 2013 UK Songwriting Contest, with UK magazine Maverick Country naming him "one of Canada's most inspiring and imaginative storytellers". He's currently touring around the world in support of his fifth album, Scott Cook and the Long Weekends Go Long. Cook is one of the hardest-working DIY troubadours on the road today, averaging over 160 gigs and a dozen festivals a year. All the hard miles notwithstanding, he still believes that songs can change your life, and your life can change the world.

"Scott Cook has distilled his travels down into songs powered by a sharp eye for imagery, a healthy dose of humanity, and that unforgettable voice, that at the same time intones the rigors of the road and the most comfortable couch you have ever slept on." -David Francey, 3x Juno-winning songwriter

"There's nothing flash about Canada's Cook. He sings his heart and soul, and in doing so lets light flood into your own... He has a good eye for imagery, a gentle human touch, a wry sense of humour, a whole lot of integrity, a warm, rugged voice and a bunch of memorable lines... Truly one of Woody Guthrie's children." -David Burke, R2 Magazine

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"One of the finest Folk albums of the last 30 years... This needs to be heard by as many people as possible. The lyrics are heart-felt. The arrangements are beautifully sparse, and they highlight Scott's voice. This is pure, accessible folk. Settle in, and listen to the beauty of this project. You won't be sorry!"
-Dan Joseph, CKWR radio

"Edmonton's Scott Cook opened for [Brandi] Carlile with a decent set of ultra-mellow folk tunes. He's a thoughtful, gentle guy with a smooth voice and a knack for fingerpicking his way through honeyed, lazy-summer-day tunes that make you wish you had a cold beer in hand (hey, maybe you did!)."
-Elizabeth Withey, Edmonton Journal

"Lyrically I think he's up there with the likes of Prine or Smither as well as contemporaries like Adam Carroll and (fellow Canadian) Old Man Luedecke. He has a snappy, witty, unpretentious way with words... There's an easy, laid-back feel to the album as if the songs came effortlessly. They're not lightweight though: 'Song For The Slow Dancers' and 'The Lord Giveth (And The Landlord Taketh Away)' are the standout tracks, both with a strong thread of politics running through them... It has the feeling of someone retelling their favourite stories... I think if it had been less specific it could have come off as mawkish (you know, all bland sentiment) but instead it's incredibly powerful. Remember that Prine fella I was talking about...? Yeah, that one."
-Scorcher Shane, No Depression

"The album opens with 'The Lord Giveth (And The Landlord Taketh Away)' by Canadian songwriter Scott Cook; a song that Billy Bragg would be proud to have written. It melds a biting lyric with a jolly tune in an attack on the banking system and right-wing government."

"The new disc One More Time Around took him back to the basics with a spare sound that highlights his articulate fingerpicking guitar skills and warm vocal tones with the unobtrusive backing of a few musical friends... His taste for social or political comment comes through in the songs with a nice balance between stories from personal experience and a philosophical world view. It all points to something larger... For Cook, politics of the personal and universal are one and the same."
-Roger Levesque, Penguin Eggs

"★★★★... Canadian folkie Scott Cook is pretty much anonymous in the United States, but the Edmonton-based troubadour deserves to be on your radar. One More Time Around is Cook's fourth album and hopefully will be the one that expands his profile. Armed with a dusty baritone and trusty acoustic guitar, Cook mesmerizes on these low-key but never boring 10 tunes... Highly recommended."
-Jeffrey Sisk, The Daily News, McKeesport, PA

"Warm mellow vocals are perfectly suited to this slow moody folk music that has strong dashes of country and even a bluesiness that lifts the album above many of its peers. Whilst the instrumentation is of itself sparse, this is absolutely essential and enables Scott to paint his poetically lyrical pictures... There are subtle changes in mood, tempo, instruments and lyrical content that, for me at least, produces echoes of the great Guy Clark and a few other singer songwriters of that quality... The album is beautifully put together and the slow, mainly sparse moodiness is maintained consistently on this lyrically, incredibly detailed album of philosophical as well as practical reflections on life, with an openness and honesty that is rare... A terrific, often thought provoking album that works on several different levels at once."
-American Roots UK

"Scott Cook's latest album is as much a manifesto as a musical work... The Edmonton-based singer/songwriter/visual artist includes extensive liner notes--a dying art to his way of thinking--and cites everyone from Walt Whitman to Woody Guthrie to internet activist Aaron Schwartz to stake out his position against the cultural hegemony that would turn every creative expression into a commodity... However shareable it is, it sounds pretty good as played by Cook and his talented retinue of players and singers, delivered with a gentle, tuneful croon with tasteful trimmings. If it helps you locate it on the folk spectrum, Greg Brown's The Poet Game fits in seamlessly with the slate of Cook originals that teem with wry observations and hopeful life lessons. Isn't that what folk music is all about?"
-Scott Lingley, Penguin Eggs

"★★★★. Rich in plainspoken, poetic expression... Unapologetically honest words and music crafted from a keen observer's perspective"
-Donald Teplyske, Lonesome Road Review

"No joke, Scott Cook's One More Time Around brought a few tears to my eye. We listen to music because it either gives us Feelings or helps us process the Feelings we have. But great musics takes those Feelings and asks us to change our outlook on life completely. Ladies, and gentlemen, Scott Cook... Whether it's a political statement or a simple love song, every single track on One More Time Around is an absolute masterpiece."
-Rachel Cholst, Adobe and Teardrops, UK

"Scott Cook espouses the hippie dream by living in his van while he tours extensively with his musical message. He is a politically sensitive humanist who sings of weighty and worthy topics. There are ten pages of narrative in the lyric booklet before we get to the song lyrics and it is true to say that Scott wears his heart on his proverbial sleeve... A veritable lucky bag of different flavours and surprises await the listener over these love songs and personal philosophies on life and living. Call it folk, roots or country music, all tracks are beautifully stripped down and played at a very intimate level that invites the listener in. I am pleased to have discovered this artist of real substance."
-Paul McGee, Lonesome Highway

"The past six years have found him roaming the backroads of North America rather like a 21st century Woody Guthrie, releasing the occasional low-key album along the way to delight the growing coterie of fans who've been charmed by his beguiling vocals and relaxed finger picked guitar work. "One More Time Around" is Scott"s fourth self-styled "love letter to the world," and stand-out tracks such as "Pass It Along" and "The Poet Game" should help to win a whole host of new converts over to the Alberta based performer's refreshingly human cause."
-Kevin Bryan, Northamptonshire Telegraph, UK

"There's nothing flash about Canada's Cook. He sings his heart and soul, and in doing so lets light flood into your own... He has a good eye for imagery, a gentle human touch, a wry sense of humour, a whole lot of integrity, a warm, rugged voice and a bunch of memorable lines... Truly one of Woody Guthrie's children."
-David Burke, R2 Magazine, UK

"Scott has an immensely listenable, warm voice. And as he showed with Pass It Along, the jazzy Use Your Imagination and the lovely Time With You, he is a talented songwriter who pens exquisite but sometimes quite hard-hitting songs."
-Keith Clark, The Bristol Post, UK

"One More Time Around is a more stripped-down collection than its predecessor, Moonlit Rambles - the acoustic and electric guitars, upright bass, piano, fiddle and dobro all provide subtle sonic scaffolding for Cook's delicate finger-style picking and clawhammer banjo playing, and, more significantly, his thoughtful narratives. On 'Pass It Along' he starts out talking about a guitar and ends up with a stark warning about where our avarice will lead us... 'New Grist' finds Cook singing about how the old tunes have been made new again, a metaphor maybe for how we need to reconstitute those values that once served us well. The title track, meanwhile, is a reminder that fulfillment lies not in the material but in the spiritual"
-David Burke, R2 Magazine, UK

"One of Canada's most inspiring and imaginative storytellers... beautifully written lyrics, intricate chordal patterns and a refreshing plain-spoken vocal clarity... there isn't a bad song on here. ★★★★"
-Emily Saxton, Maverick Country, UK

"Scott Cook bridges topical songs with spiritual themes, all with a gentle, personal and unrushed delivery. Listening to his music gives relief from the pace of today's world; his songs comfort on the one hand; and wake us up to something essential, on the other."
-Julie Miller, CFLX radio

"A pretty damn fine relaxed, rootsy, fingerpicked collection of thoughtful and melodic songs, delivered in an easy on the ear warm, woodgrained voice that's evocative of Cockburn, but also with traces of Guy Clarke, James Taylor and Gordon Lightfoot."
-Mike Davies, NetRhythms, UK

"Protest - speaking with a true voice - is always worthwhile, and who knows what might grow from small seeds? Scott Cook sounds like the kindly voice of protest as he joins forces with those seeking a new way."
-John Davy, Flyin' Shoes

"With his gentle finger-picking and whispered vocals like wood-smoke in an autumn dusk, Edmonton, Alberta's very own prairie balladeer reminds one of a lumberjack Mississippi John Hurt. Scott's own "Pass It Along", was the highlight of the evening and, with its message of the lifecycles of things we use and places we belong, is sure to become a Letham Nights anthem."
-Letham Nights, Scotland

"Cook's easygoing, hardworking-hippy ideology is the sinew in every song here, from an ultra-sentimental tribute to his grandfather Ray to a killer honky-tonk jingle called "The Lord Giveth (and the Landlord Taketh Away)." Cook might get a little too romantic - you almost feel like you're intruding into a shared sleeping bag, but as one of the most genuine writers making music in town there's no question he means every word... Moonlit Rambles is like a conversational bottle of Jack passed around a dawn fire, everything burning just right. To get to know it is to know a good man and his well-worn guitar. ★★★★"
-Fish Griwkowsky, SEE Magazine

"I didn’t really know what to expect, especially when he appeared on stage looking more at home on the beach than performing to a packed crowd in the historic town hall on Saturday afternoon. But once he stepped up to the microphone, I was captivated by the majesty of his storytelling, as he weaved together tales of life on the road to missed chances and losing those you love. There were many highlights of Cook’s performance but Pass It Along, which took out the 2013 UK Songwriting Contest in the Acoustic and Folk Category, Use Your Imagination and Go On, Ray were standouts for me. Certainly this is an artist I will be looking out for in the future, as well as exploring his back catalogue of albums."
-Caroline Russo, HushHushBiz

"You know when you've been on the road for what seems like forever and you're finally on the last few miles until you're back home? The sun is starting to set, the other passengers are asleep, and you know you're just about there? That's what Scott Cook's music sounds like."
-Rylan Kafara, The Past Is Unwritten

"Canadian folk troubadour Scott Cook spent six years in Taiwan teaching and playing music before diving headlong into full-time musicianship. Since leaving our shores, the man described by David Burke of R2 Magazine as “one of Woody Guthrie’s children” has been irrepressibly on the move, touring constantly through North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Cook is a throwback to the uplifting, foot-stomping, rubber-to-the-road folk tramps of yesteryear, halting tour activities only to seek occasional solace in the quiet of the country to write songs for another album -- a rare true believer with an unwavering faith in music as life-changing catharsis."
-Joe Henley, Taipei Times

"Very listenable tones with sharp and well-crafted lines. Cook has a creamy and beguiling voice but luckily he backs it up with the musical goods... Wry, sweet and witty, it's heavily Loudon Wainright-inspired, with jaunty tunes and some Cajun musical embellishments for good measure. Love it."
-Hazel Davis,
Americana UK

"Edmonton-based songwriter Scott Cook belongs to that fine tradition of traveling minstrels like Woody Guthrie... it's a good solid disc he's produced himself with lots of good players... Cook is definitely a writer to keep an eye on. Strong, decent stuff."
-Barry Hammond, Penguin Eggs

"Basically, this is exactly the kind of act you'd be happy to stumble down the hill or through the birches and hear at a music festival... warm like a campfire, familiar like the lake down the road... deep-thinking, introspective stuff"
-Fish Griwkowsky, The Edmonton Sun

"...The album, Cook's third to date, continues to keep the listener engaged with a bunch of songs that mean something. Described as a 'new love letter to the world', Moonlit Rambles doesn't ramble exactly, rather it shines a light along the path.
-Allan Wilkinson, Northern Sky Music Magazine, UK

"Scott Cook goes to show you what talent and a banjo can do; in fact he shows that a man with talent and a banjo can make far more beautiful music than something shiny and blitzy and over produced... a deep lush vocal that makes a song a story every time... beautifully constructed tracks of patchwork quilt stories within an entirely concrete and realist perspective... As memorable as Waylon Jennings, but without the country twang... undeniably genuine... Each song is unique but equally as caressing, soothing, and memorable as its predecessor."
-Kindah Mardam Bey, AnE Vibe, Toronto

"By the time the Anglers took the stage, emotions were already running high. As entranced bodies bobbed up and down, the room became filled with a mass of swirling hair and excited hands pointing upwards. For a band separated by vast distances for the better part of the year--frontman Scott Cook makes a living teaching in Taiwan while bassist Darryl Els commutes between Alberta's dusty plains and his home in South Africa--they delivered an incredibly tight set that lit up the Sidetrack. Cook's spot-on reggae vocals had a way of latching on to your cerebral cortex, sending universal shivers coursing through your spine until your feet answered the call. Coupled with Els' pulsating acoustic bass lines, Cook's roots-tinged reggae songs spread smiles through the crowd as quickly as the common cold (which they both probably caught as they performed the whole set in true exotic fashion, barefoot).
-Francois Marchand, SEE Magazine

"Earthy, organic, acoustic sounds without the fluff. These guys sing and play good ol’ down to earth, real Canadian music. Great vocals with some tasteful instrumental work and darn good song writin’.”
-John Wort Hannam, Kerville New Folk winner & presenter, South Country Fair

"This Edmonton story teller can transform a few picked notes on the guitar, uke or banjo into a personal experience. He turns phrases and tells stories that seem to have been passed on from friend to friend since the dawn of time.”
-Hero Hill, Halifax

"Scott Cook and the Long Weekends were a big hit with our Rose City Roots Music Society. Talent, authenticity, charisma, energy and great sound combined for the perfect mix that delighted our audience. Their infectious folk and reggae stylings, tremendously high level of musicianship and captivating stage presence make it impossible to take your eyes off this band once they're cookin'. Without a doubt, Scott Cook and the Long Weekends would be an excellent addition to any line-up, and suitable for any venue or crowd. We certainly look forward to having them back again. If they're coming 'round your bend, be sure not to miss them! ”
-Rose City Roots Music Society, Camrose, Alberta

"Long Way To Wander resonates with a Dylan-esque verve, a Waits-ian post-modernity, Cook baring his soul in public for all to hear. The songs mostly revolve around Cook's strings - guitar, banjo, ukelele - and his low, booming voice... His observations are spot-on and often funny, and places and people come to life vividly, whether Cook is singing about his grandmother in Alabama or about being lost somewhere in the middle of Asia... Long Way To Wander represents a huge leap forward for a singer-songwriter who has many more stories to tell."
-Francois Marchand, The Edmonton Journal

"Scott's life imitates his art and this talented traveling troubadour lives in a borderless world. He has an eye for the absurdities of the human plight and an ear for putting it all to music. Scott's lyric content appears to be the soundtrack to his own life, yet his poetry reveals truths of the shape all our lives have taken in today's increasingly complex world. When Scott performs, live and on record, there is a surfeit of breathtaking moments along with scattered flashes of hummable brilliance- in a three to four minute format. Book him. He's cool."
-Kirby, publicist, Ramparts Entertainment

"There is no better place to take a break and relax from the madness than with a couple hundred friends sitting on the grass listening to Scott Cook weave his tales of life on the road. Each song is like a short story with moving, intimitate descriptions of places and faces and states of mind."
-Alita Rickards, Waakao, Taiwan


"These are the kinds of songs that keep the modern folk tradition alive."
-Frank Gutch, Jr.

"Scott Cook has distilled his travels down into songs powered by a sharp eye for imagery, a healthy dose of humanity, and that unforgettable voice, that at the same time intones the rigors of the road and the most comfortable couch you have ever slept on."
-David Francey, 3x Juno Winner

"As hard-working a DIY songwriter as any in the game... A Scott Cook song contains the extra work done by a carpenter who cares. Work the carpenter doesn't have to do. Work only other carpenters will likely even notice... One of the best songwriters this country has. A working artist who's taken enormous risks in order to make something which offers strength to anyone who takes the time to listen... I believe that over the years this album will prove to be a benchmark in Canadian folk music, as well as a signpost pointing the way for younger artists. I believe that young songwriters will write better songs because of it."
-Corin Raymond, Raymond Unrushed

"A nice package with a thick photo and lyric booklet that seems to reflect perfectly a hot, long-weekend summer afternoon at a riverside Edmonton park playing Beersbie... It's just the sort of music to play on an afternoon like that and his good-natured hoser philosophy shines through admirably... Have one or two beers on a hot afternoon and enjoy!"
-Barry Hammond, Penguin Eggs

"With a 64 page booklet, and introductory essay and cover art painted by himself, Scott Cook has clearly put his all into this album. No stone has been left unturned and it is sure to be something treasured by fans for years to come."
-Sammi Walsh, Never Enough Notes, UK

"Canadian Scott Cook's songs carry an air of classic Americana: Song For A Pilgrim is a story of melancholic departures and hopeful journeys, with hushed backing vocals, acoustic guitar, yearning fiddle and mournful harmonica. It is the sort of the song that, perhaps paradoxically, thrives in an enclosed setting. Rustic alt-country is once again the order of the day on Cook's gorgeous fingerpicked love song When We're Back Around, which shows off a tragicomic lyricism worthy of Steve Earle and he displays a similar earthiness in the pensive meditation of New Grist."
-Thomas Blake, Folk Radio UK

"His melodies do somehow paint a wide-screen landscape of the golden prairie, with grasses waving softly in time. It's a place where you can do some darned good thinking... you'll have to give this mature songwriter and performer your full attention. He won't settle for background status. Two of the 10 tracks are ones that will stick in your head long after the CD has ended. "Pass It Along" opens the album and furthers the idea of perpetual continuity. The singer wonders who his guitar will pass on to, when he is gone. "Mama Always Said" advises the listener to "be careful with your love"... One More Time Around makes for good listening, but you have to be an eager participant listener. If your mind and ears are ready, then Scott Cook can supply much musical food for thought."
-Corrine H. Smith, Rambles.NET

"A seriously good assembly of songs and tales with a strong and convincing thread moving through them... For me, it's his songwriting and vocals that tower over this collection. The lyrics reflect honesty, sometime painfully so and the delivery, phrasing and timbre are reminiscent of Jackson Browne and Don McLean to name a couple of fine performers. The opening track is a giant start -- 'Pass It Along' moves from the romance of handing down a precious guitar to a message about the future of our very planet. It's powerful and beautiful."
-Rob Dickens, Music Mainline

"Cook is the quintessentially laid-back singer-songwriter, an apparently unrufflable soul who sings songs of sensitivity and gently scathing wit in a softly assured way... He has a quiet storyteller's manner with both lyrics and song introductions that underlines the honesty in his own songs and the way he delivers other writers' works. His singing of the neglected Greg Brown's The Poet Game, to typically understated but warmly effective guitar picking, made a strong case for Brown deserving to be discovered by a wider audience. But then, the same might be said of Cook himself. He moves easily from the bluesy, on Use Your Imagination, to the matter of fact, with Pass It Along's assertion that valuable possessions are not owned, just held in trust."
-Rob Adams, The Herald, Scotland

"As he sings "whatever you've done and wherever you've been, you're never so free as when you go all-in,' in his track 'Broke And So Far From Home', there's a sense that Cook does indeed live an all-or-nothing life. The song is one of the many highlights of his latest album, One More Time Around, and it speaks with honesty and authenticity about life on the lonely road - something Cook is all too familiar with. It seems he only stops touring long enough to record an album, before heading out again. Set to finger-picked guitar, his subtle ballads are poems to the experiences of his last journey, and if One More Time Around, his second LP in 12 months, is anything to go by, it has been a remarkable year."
-Rob Lavender, Metro, Scotland

He may hail from north of the US border, but his brand of folk is Americana through and through. His influences are far-ranging, no doubt taken on as he tours the world as a self-styled musical hobo, performing in venues ranging from concert halls to fans' living rooms. His latest album, Moonlit Rambles, is a perfect showcase of his skills as a singer, guitarist and songwriter. His soft, gentle voice and laid-back finger-picked playing style are the perfect delivery method for his sharp and smart lyrics... Cook takes his audience on a journey through the events of his life, punctuated by delightful guitar licks and always a wry smile."
-Rob Lavender, Metro, Glasgow, Scotland

"One More Time Around is a meditative album from Alberta-based singer-songwriter Scott Cook - and it's an album that stands out in its exploration of people, places, incidents and experiences. There are reflections, observations, nostalgias and futures, promises and warnings, with lyrics that set striking scenes or prompt thoughtful consideration. These are songs that convey their message with gentle encouragement. Songs of meaning that make you pay attention... Scott has an edgy voice that moves deliberately across his songs, it adds a sombre edge to mournful songs and a questioning agitation to his observances on reality... This is one of those albums I'm glad that I found. Some albums are for good times, some for sad times, others for crying into your beer. One More Time Around is an album for thinking and realising that someone can put emotions into words for you to hear. It's like reading a personal diary and in many ways as much of a privilege."
-Tom Franks, FolkWords

Cook and his trio, banjo player/guitarist/mandolinist Bramwell Park and stand up bassist Melissa Walker played a laid back, immediately appealing set of original folk and country. His band added subtle vocal harmonies and highlighted Cook's nimble fingered guitar picking. Cook played banjo on "The Lord Giveth and The Landlord Taketh Away," from his last CD Moonlit Rambles, one of the few political moments in a very relaxed and introspective show full of stories, songs and his soothing, smooth baritone voice."
-Richard Amery, LA Beat, Lethbridge, Alberta

"Lyrics are clear, instruments are tasteful. This is fine, mature writing... The words of Scott Cook are unorthodox and personal and I highly recommend this whole collection."
-J.W. McClure, Victory Music, Seattle

"An enjoyable and entertaining album from another member of the Canadian music fraternity who seem at ease with their music making. MOONLIT RAMBLES carries the storytelling torch with pride."
-Lonesome Highway

"It's all about the music of course but mention has to be made about the cover and booklet of One More Time Around, Canadian Scott Cook's fourth collection of songs released under his own name. The cover painting by Cook; wispy clouds floating around a blue sky, birds taking flight over a river, mountains in the background also reflects the warm, thoughtful music it envelops. The 36-page booklet is something else. For an independent release this is almost unheard of. It shows Cook's commitment to detail and getting his message across in the most effective way, and if anyone has a message to get across it is Cook. The first ten pages of the booklet are essential reading; Cook explaining why he hasn't copyrighted his albums is thought provoking and that's just part of it. What follows along with the lyrics to the songs are the relevant guitar chords for the songs with a few lines prefacing each set of lyrics listing the instruments each musician plays. The booklet is worth the price of admission alone... One More Time Around is an accomplished set of songs by an artist who deserves your attention. Cook has a lot to say, and knows how to say it to get his message across. If you're looking for a singer/songwriter with a little more substance than most, then check out One More Time Around. You won't be disappointed."
-Malcolm Carter, Pennyblack Music, UK

"A dedicated touring artist who makes Edmonton, Alberta his home when he's not on the road, folk musician Scott Cook stayed put earlier this year for long enough to bring us his fourth studio album, One More Time Around. These ten musically mellow but lyrically pointed tunes open with "Pass it Along," a song that cleverly chronicles the life and times of his guitar, from its creation to going "on loan" for the musician's use, but the story doesn't stop there--even Cook will eventually "pass it along" for someone else to play, which represents his view of all things in the world: namely, that we ought to be careful stewards of what we have and pass it along to the next generation... Taken as a whole, Cook's One More Time Around pulls off the difficult feat of being at once an engaging and easy listen, through and through."
-Sound Parlor

"I'm not sure I've seen an album title and cover artwork that so aptly prepares you for the music you are about to hear. Moonlit Rambles has the intimacy of a man sitting by the lake on a moonlit night strumming his guitar and telling stories with his songs. Some are happy stories ("goin up to the country"), some are sad stories ("the lord giveth (and the landlord taketh away)"), but all of them have the warmth and closeness to them that you don't find much in music today. Even though Scott has other instrumentation and backing vocals all over this album, they are so subtly done as to never undermine his vocals. Instead they help to add colors and flourishes to the stories. The definition of 'ramble' is, "a walk taken for pleasure in the countryside". With Moonlit Rambles, Scott Cook has created a very pleasurable walk through the countryside of his mind."
-Lazlo Seltzer, Blow Up Radio

"Scott Cook has a way with words and melodies that inspires foot taps and head nods... This One's On the House finds the songwriter telling stories of the miles he's travelled and the people he's known, and it's a compelling epic - one that is fitting for a man who sees himself as a hobo wandering the world with eyes wide open. Cook taps into the same sort of spirit that so many ramblers in the past have, and he inspires just like the most famous hobos of yesteryear, his friendly demeanor and enthusiasm for life on the move catching, fueling a desire to pack a bag and head out looking for some of the things that Cook's seen in his travels. ★★★★"
-Eden Munro, Vue Weekly

"'Long Way To Wander' is an eloquent, finger picked, perfect for Sunday listening record"
-Americana UK

"With his "there's no shame in being a hobo, you sure can't take it when you go" ethos, Scott Cook always makes me want to strip off what few trappings of civilization I have left clinging to me. He is, without question, the most endearing of folk hippies in this uptight town - a reggae country bluesman whom Willie Nelson would get along with better than pretty much any of us, which means everything. The music on his new one is pretty, thoughtful, and hopeful - lustful for life and eternally grateful. And honest, with lines like "I'd like to say I'm past it, but I'm still moved by the mention of your name." It'd almost be easier to name who didn't join Cook on the recording, but suffice it to say he's in great company with a crisp hillbilly orchestra, beautiful upright bass, slide guitar, and chipper harmonica. Solid version of "Shady Grove," too. Spark one and lay back; there's still a little summer left. ★★★★"
-Fish Griwkowsky, SEE Magazine, Edmonton

"Alternating between an acoustic guitar and a banjo, frontman Scott Cook led the steamy crowd of dreadlocked dancers along like a barefooted pied piper with his eclectic mix of musical styles. At the heart of it all was an undeniable groove and a message of universal love that gave the night a warm fuzzy vibe even a cynical old bastard like myself couldn't ignore."
-Phil Duperron, Vue Weekly

"9-out-of-10... good old, lyric driven folk... one of the better folk CDs to cross this desk in quite some time... find this one - it's great."
-Calvin Daniels, Yorkton This Week

"In Scott Cook's sophomore album "This One's On The House" Cook exceeds all expectations... he is well worth searching out and finding. Truly, whatever Cook puts his vocals to is an inspiration and toast to a beer in the hammock and watching the sun set."
Press Plus 1

"Scott Cook rustles up some sharp-tongued lyrics that are carefully and delicately delivered amidst his catchy music... He has a rich voice that is comforting no matter what the issue is to be conveyed... this Canadian singer songwriter keeps it authentic and true and provides plenty of fine material here."
-David Hintz, Folkworld, Germany

"His voice is Tom Waits, his sensibilities are Bob Dylan, Kerouac, and Walt Whitman, and his music is a mixture of folk, rhythm and blues, country, bluegrass and reggae. Being a writer as well as a musician, his songs are rich, atmospheric stories about his geographical and philosophical journeys... His music has the ability to transport one instantly to a space of campfire-lit, creek-dipping radiance. Listening to this album is perennially serendipitous - like one is chancing upon a well-traveled old soul by the fireside, whose stripping-away-the-veneer knowledge of the world is never jaded, but always innocent."
-Monica Chattaway, CKUA radio

“The kids in Chungli know how to party, and often follow their locally based band The Anglers to Taipei when they play. The Anglers are not only all cute, they also play a groovy, chilled out, down-home rock/funk music that gets everyone dancing.”
-Alita Rickards, The China Post

“For his smoky vocals and rough-hewn storytelling, Cook earns frequent comparisons to Tom Waits. But he's his own man. Picking a banjo or guitar, the tattooed Cook is a soulful member of a generation of musicians who are bent on not only reviving American roots music, but giving it a contemporary relevance.”
-Kickapoo Free Press, Viroqua, WS

“The charismatic Cook, sporting his trademark mutton chops, performed his frontman duties well, getting people moving. The rest of the band help up their end as well, laying down a solid, infectious groove.”
-Adam Goring, Banff Crag & Canyon

"Cook shows himself to be a deft poet with an ability to deliver his songs in easy-on-the-ears musical arrangements that owe their lineage to the likes of Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard and Charlie Pride... This One's On The House establishes Scott Cook as one of the better traditional-style Country singer/songwriters working in Nashville or otherwise. Cook still lives the lifestyle of a road-warrior, speaking with a grit and authenticity that is rarely captured anymore, much less lived."
-Wildy Haskell, Wildy's World

"Thank you and your group so very much for doing such a wonderful show Friday evening for us. Your music is wonderful and the presentation was excellent. We all responded to your artistry and to the warmth of your own personality as you took us on a journey through your own experiences and observations. You drew us in, and we were delighted to be there listening to you. I particularly enjoyed the lyrics of your songs. They are not the usual average, somewhat awkward collection of words, but reflect both a talent for putting thoughts into rhyme and meter, and a deep compassion for and understanding of life. That intelligence is not something I see and hear every day when I am sifting through applicants for coffee house features, though that is what I always hope to find. I think yours must be an old soul."
-Sue Averill, presenter, Nanaimo Folk Connection

past shows:

Festivals & benefit concerts

Edmonton Folk Fest, Edmonton, AB, '12
Salmon Arm Roots and Blues Festival, Salmon Arm, BC, '15
North Country Fair, Driftpile, AB, '04, '05, '07, '08, '09, '10, '11, '12, '13, '14 and '15
South Country Fair, Fort MacLeod, AB, '03, '08, '09, and '12
Islands Folk Festival, Duncan, BC, '10
Blissfest, Bliss, MI, '14
Sunshine Music Festival, Powell River, BC, '15
Waynefest, in Wayne, AB, '04
Cobargo Folk Festival, Cobargo, NSW, AU, '14 & '15
Canada Day celebrations, Banff, AB, '14
4th Street Lilac Festival, Calgary, '09
Robson Valley Music Festival, Dunster, '09, '10, '11 & '14
Big Valley Jamboree, Camrose, AB, '15
Brandon Folk Festival, Brandon, MB, '08
ArtsWells Festival of All Things Art, Wells, BC, '09, '10, '11, '12, '13 and '14
Pembina River Nights, Evansburg, AB, '08, '09 & '15
Wild Mountain Music Fest, Hinton, '09, '10, '11, & '14
Revfest, Revelstoke, BC, '11
Sasquatch Gathering, various AB locations, '02, '03, '04, '07, '08, '09, '12, '13 and '15
Juan De Fuca Festival of the Arts, Port Angeles, WA, '12 & '13
Come Together Music Festival, Durham, ON, '08
Ymir Reggae Sunsplash feat. Lucky Dube, Ymir, BC, '04
Starbelly Jam, Crawford Bay, BC, '04 & '05
Spaghetti Western Festival, Calgary, AB, '12
Open Sky Music Festival, Edmonton, AB, '12
Cortes Island Arts Fair, '05
Central Music Fest, Red Deer, AB, '11 & '12
Edge of the World Music Festival, Haida Gwaii, BC, '03
Hoot! on the Hudson with Pete Seeger, Cold Spring, NY, '08
Earthwork Harvest Gathering, Lake City, MI, '08, '09, '10, '11, '13 & '15
Fred Eaglesmith's Charity Picnic, Aylmer, ON, '05 & '07
Wild Oats and Notes Festival, Tofield, AB, '10
Cottonwood Music Festival, Fort St. James, BC, '10
Rangeton Farmers Day Festival, Evansburg, AB, '08, '09, '10 & '13
Grande Cache Folk Music Festival, Grande Cache, AB, '09
Mortlach Saskatoon Berry Festival, Mortlach, SK, '09 & '11
Music on the Mountain Festival, Fort St. James, BC, '10, '11, '14 & '15
Thumbfest, Lexington, MI, '12
Discovery Coast Music Festival, Bella Coola, BC, '11 & '13
Cicada Fest, St. Catharines, ON, '12
Just Singin' Round Charity Songwriters' Showcase, Vancouver Rowing Club in Stanley Park, '08, '11 & '12
Bluebird North at The Roundhouse, Vancouver, BC
Songwriters Unite Showcase, Graffiti's, Toronto, '08 & '09
The Works Art & Design Festival, Edmonton, '08 & '10
Come By The Hills Folk Festival, Mistahiya, AB, '12
Sweetwater 905 festival, Rolla, BC, '10 & '11
Tiny Lights Festival, Ymir, BC, '14
Freedom Fest, Moose Jaw, SK, '12
Arts on the Fly Festival, Horsefly, BC, '13
Sonic Orchard on Kimbercote Farm, Heathecote, ON, '08
Pretty Hill Film Festival, Camrose, AB, '08
Food - Today, Tomorrow, Together Conference, Edmonton, '09
Springtime in Alberta at Hayloft Acres, Sherwood Park, '09 & '10
Quadrapalooza, Quadra Island, BC, '14
Strathcona Spring Fair, MacLean Park, Vancouver, '09
Silver Skate Festival, Edmonton, AB, '13
Barn Party for The Haven's 2nd anniversary, Spruce Grove, '10
University Farm Fundraiser, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, '09
Saskatchewan Young Professionals and Entrepreneurs BBQ in Wakamow Park, Moose Jaw, SK, '11
Kaleido Festival, Edmonton, '11
Winterfest, Uptown Folk Club, Edmonton
Revelstoke Summer Street Fest, Revelstoke, BC, '10, '11, '12 and '14
Music in the Park, Kamloops, BC, '11, '14 & '15
Spring Scream, Kenting, Taiwan, '02, '03, '04, '05, '06, '07, '08, '10, '14
Global Rhythm Festival, Dream Community, Xizhi, Taiwan, '06
Basic Aid, Moonshine Hill, Miaoli, '07
Blues Bash 3, Xizhi, Taiwan, '06
Reggae Sunsplash, Taiping, Taiwan, 2004
Peace Festival, Longtan, Taiwan, '03, '05, '06 & '07
May Jam, Tainan, Taiwan, '07
GiLaVaSai Festival, Dulan, Taiwan, '05
Indie 2006, Hualien, '06
Tomstock, Yang Ming Mountain, Taiwan, '02
Eurofest, Taipei, '05
Earth Day Mountain Jam, Yang Ming Mtn., '05
Daniel Pearl Day, Taipei, '06
Urban Movement Festival, Taichung, Taiwan, '02
Canada D'eh?, Da An Park, Taipei, '06
Music Fans for Orphans, Taipei, '03
Fireworks Festival, Makung, Penghu, Taiwan, '05
A Family Affair, Jungli, Taiwan, '04
Resistance Party, Donghai, Taiwan, '04
Beach Party, Dashi Beach, Taiwan, '02

Music Conferences:
Western Canadian Music Awards Official Showcase, Edmonton, '08
Folk Music Ontario conference (was Ontario Council of Folk Festivals), '09, '10, '11, '12, '14 & '15
Folk Alliance International, Memphis, TN, '11 and Toronto, ON, '13 (official showcase)
Folk Alliance Regional Midwest, '11 & '14 (official showcase)
Northeastern Regional Folk Alliance, Kerhonkson, NY, '12
Alberta Showcase, Fort Saskatchewan, AB, '15

Folk Clubs & Concert Series:
Transcanada Alberta Music Series, Engineered Air Theatre, Calgary
Full Moon Folk Club, Edmonton, AB
Folkstage, WFMT Radio, Chicago, IL
Northern Lights Folk Club, Edmonton, AB
Cochrane Valley Folk Club
Medicine Hat Folk Club
Folk Music Society of Huntington's Hard Luck Cafe, Huntington, NY
Victoria Folk Music Society
Nickelodeon Folk Club, Calgary, AB
Uptown Folk Club
Banff Coffee House at St. George's in the Pines, Banff, AB
Nanaimo Folk Connection, Nanaimo, BC
Whitecourt House Concerts
Blenders, Art Gallery of Swift Current, Swift Current, SK
Rocky Mountain Folk Club, Calgary
Whitecourt Folk Club, Whitecourt, AB
Vermilion Folk Club, Vermilion, AB
Live! From the Living Room, Pontiac, MI, 2 times
Two Way Street Coffee House, Downers Grove, IL
The Princeton Coffeehouse, Princeton, IL
Friday Folk, Bloomington, IN
Pump House Concerts, East Lansing, MI
Indy Folk Series, Indianapolis, IN
Black Cat Concerts, Charlevoix, MI, 2 times
Falcon Trails Resort Concert Series, Falcon Lake, MB

Taiwan shows:

The River, Jungli, innumerable times
Taipei Artist Village, Taipei, 2 times
Lei Gallery, Taichung, 3 times
Farm Jam, Zhubei
The Goat Restaurant and Bar, Hengchun, 2 times
Banjo’s, Hsinchu, 11 times
Revolver, Taipei, 2 times
St. Onge House Concert, Hualien
The House of Pizza (was Feebie's), Taoyuan, 3 times
Rocks, Kaohsiung, 2 times
Hide Out, Jungli, 2 times
Zacks House Concert, Taitung
Cat's House Concert, Taichung
Wonderbar, Jungli, 6 times
Velvet Underground, Taipei
The Grooveyard, Taichung, 6 times
Western 2 Bar, Tainan, 2 times
The Refuge, Dakeng, 5 times
Thinkers' Corner, Taichung
House concert at Full Lotus Yoga , Taichung
Roxy Roots, Taipei, 2 times
Tianmu Alley Cats, Taipei
The Wall Live House, Taipei, 3 times
The Underworld, Taipei
Sappho Live, Taipei, 3 times
9803, Shoufeng
Salt Lick, Hualien
House concert at Paul and Romi's, Hualien
Tin Pan Roadhouse, Dulan
Allstar Live House, Hualien
Highland Pub, Jungli
Stage Bar, Hsinchu
Mojo Coffee, Taichung, 2 times
Tin Pan Alley, Tainan, 4 times
Tin Pan Diner, Tainan
Jones house concert, Hualien
Titty Tea, Zhubei, 2 times
Happy Panda, Baishawan
Brickyard Beer Garden, Kaohsiung
Water, Jungli
Bobwundaye, Taipei, 6 times
89K, Taichung, 2 times
Café Vergißmeinnicht, Taipei
PLAN B'stro, Fulong
Rain City Grille, Yilan
La Seine, Hualien
The Sugar Factory Cafe, Dulan, 2 times
Lighthouse Bar & Grill, Kaohsiung
89K's new location, Taichung, 2 times
Brickyard, Kaohsiung
Illusion, Kenting, 2 times
The Proud Monkey, Luodong
Soulstice, Luodong, 3 times
The Londoner, Taichung
Oldies, Taichung
Hua Shan Art District, Taipei
Shiner Age, Jungli, 3 times
Hud la Voos, Tainan
Hardware Bar, Changhua
Early Bird Diner, Taichung
Retro, Taichung, 3 times
The Armory, Tainan, 3 times
The Black Dog, Kaohsiung, 3 times
The Beaver Dam, Pingtung
The Pine Garden, Hualien
Buca Buca, Taipei
Indian Camp, Kenting, 2 times
Emerge Live House, Donghai, Taichung
Hangar 18, Taichung
Golden Plaza, Taichung
A Place, Longtan, 2 times
The Living Room, Taipei, 3 times
BASS, Jungli
Night Sky, Taichung
Azul, Longtan, 4 times
Bliss, Taipei, 6 times
Sport Bar, Chiayi
The Post Home, Taipei
The Calgary, Chiayi, 3 times

Hong Kong:

The Wanch, Wan Chai

Czech Republic:

Souterrain, Prague
Kavarna Potrva, Prague
Cafe Prah, Brno


Woodford Folk Festival, Woodford, QLD, '15-'16
Illawarra Folk Festival, Bulli, NSW, '15
Cobargo Folk Festival, Cobargo, NSW, '14 and '15
Yackandandah Folk Festival, Yackandandah, VIC, '15 & '16
Newstead Live! Music Festival, Newstead, VIC, '15 & '16
Burke & Wills Folk Festival, Mia Mia, VIC, '14, '15 & '16
Music by the Sea, Sandgate, QLD, '16
Candelo Village Festival, Candelo, NSW, '15
National Folk Festival, sorta, Canberra, ACT, '16
Sunset Lounge at the Mosman Club, Sydney, NSW
Bontes house concert, Canberra, ACT
Melbourne Folk Club, Melbourne, VIC
Black Bunny Kitchen, Alexandra Heads, QLD
Sutherland Acoustic at Gymea Tradies, Gymea, NSW, 2 times
House concert, Wingham, NSW
Maddick house concert, Melbourne, VIC
Young house concert, Echuca, VIC
Unpaved Songwriter Sessions at The Old Bar, Melbourne, VIC
The Drunken Poet, Melbourne, VIC
Mac's Hotel, Portland, VIC
Ararat Live at the Ararat Hotel, Ararat, VIC, 2 times
The Triffid, Brisbane, QLD
Cafe Go, Geelong, VIC
Sutton's House of Music, Ballarat, VIC
Bullant Brewery, Bruthen, VIC
Mozart Hall, Warrnambool, VIC
Upfront Club, Maleny, QLD, 2 times
Folk Redlands, Capalaba, QLD
The Pier, Port MacQuarie, NSW
Acoustic Picnic at the Music Lounge, Sydney, NSW, 2 times
The Shack at The Music Lounge, Sydney, NSW
Open Studio, Melbourne, VIC
Hotel Blue, Katoomba, NSW
MacLeay Valley Arts Council show at the Oddfellows Hall, Kempsey, NSW
Smith's Alternative, Canberra, ACT, 3 times
Brisbane Unplugged at New Farm Bowls Club, Brisbane, QLD
Billy Roy's Blues Bar, Bendigo, VIC
The Junk Bar, Brisbane, QLD
House concert, Guanaba, QLD
Crone house concert, Eaglemont, VIC
Wheatsheaf Hotel, Adelaide, SA
South Coast Folk Club, Port Noarlunga, SA
Red Poles Cafe, McLaren Vale, SA
The Groove Garden, McLaren Vale, SA
House concert, Hervey Bay, QLD
School workshop, Hervey Bay, QLD
Crawdaddy's, Noosa Heads, QLD
House concert, Katoomba
Sunset Studio, Newcastle, NSW, 2 times
Cafe Lounge, Sydney, NSW
Saints and Sailors, Portarlington, VIC, 2 times
House concert at Jindarra Springs Winery, Harcourt North, VIC
The Retreat Hotel, Melbourne, VIC
Graceland Presents at Luscombe Street Community Garden, Melbourne, VIC
Troubadour Folk and Acoustic Music Club, Woy Woy, NSW
University of Newcastle, Newcastle, NSW
Tanswells Commercial Hotel, Beechworth, VIC, 3 times
House concert, Cudmirrah, NSW
House concert, Newstead, VIC
House concert, Wagga Wagga, NSW
Wandi Pub, Wandiligong, VIC
Blue House Lounge concert, Brunswick, VIC
Lush Factory house concert, Tilba Tilba, NSW
Verandah concert, Nana Glen, NSW
Billen Cliffs Community Cafe, Billen Cliffs, NSW
Songwriting workshop at Sue's, Wolumla, NSW
Kameruka Hall, Kameruka, NSW
Cleary house concert, Nowra, NSW
Byrne house concert, Picnic Point, NSW
Soulbird Lounge house concert, Thirroul, NSW
St. Leonard's Vineyard, Wahgunyah, VIC
The Goulburn Club, Goulburn, NSW
Bottle Rocket Bar and Cafe, Nowra, NSW, 2 times
Martin house concert, Candelo, NSW

The Netherlands:

Cafe Boulevard, Den Bosch
house concert, Utrecht
Cafe De Harmonie, Roskwinkel
Dwaze Zaken, Amsterdam
House concert at Baukje and Daniel's, Utrecht


Where The Birds Fly house concert, Dusseldorf
Cowhide House Concert, Schwalbach am Taunus
Cafe Galao, Stuttgart
house concert at Ben and Anna's, Mörsfeld
Stubenkultur house concert, Duisburg
Musterzimmer, Duisburg


Stasera Al Bikini, Venice


Langstars hostel, Zürich, 2 times

United Kingdom:

Small World Spring Festival, Headcorn, Kent, '15
Gate to Southwell Folk Festival, Southwell, Nottinghamshire, '15
Star Folk Club, Glasgow, Scotland
The Canteen, Bristol, England
Star Anise Arts Cafe, Stroud, England
The Griffin, Widnes, England
The Studio, Widnes, England
The Snig, Widnes, England
Pheanix Lounge house concert, London, England
Waterloo Bonfire Society fundraiser, Lewes, England
Better Than Telly house concert, Milnesbridge, England, 3 times
Vagabond Social Club at the State Bar, Glasgow, Scotland
The Green Note, Camden town, London, England
The Griffin, Farnworth, Widnes, England
The Golden Lion, Bristol, England
The Star Inn, St. Just, Cornwall
The Acorn, Penzance, Cornwall
The Melting Pot Cafe, Redruth, Cornwall
Old School Bar and Kitchen, Mount Hawke, Cornwall
Miss Peapod's Kitchen Cafe, Penryn, Cornwall
Pacific Illumination house concert, Brighton, England
Henry's Campsite, The Lizard, Cornwall
The Crown Inn, Biggar, Scotland, 2 times
Leith Folk Club, Edinburgh, Scotland, 3 times
Letham Nights, Letham, Fife, Scotland, 2 times
The Globe Inn, Dumfries, Scotland, 3 times
Barrels Ale House, Berwick-upon-Tweed, England, 2 times
Nichol Forest Village Hall, Penton, England, 3 times
Magic Garden Pub, Battersea, England, 2 times
Glastonbury Assembly Rooms, Glastonbury, England
The Old Forge, Cranford, England
No. 14 Bacon Street (was The Vintage Emporium), Brick Lane, London, England, 2 times
Priston Village Hall, Priston, Bath
The Bell Inn, Bath
The Full Moon Club, Cardiff, Wales, 3 times
Mindful Music house concert at St. Dunstan's in Glastonbury Abbey, Glastonbury, England
Woodburner at Stoke Newington International Airport, London, England
Woodburner at the Total Refreshment Centre, London, England
The Arts House in Stokes Croft, Bristol, England
House Concert at Callum's place, Briston, England
Zu Studios, Lewes, England
Jamboree Venue, Cable Street Studios, London, England, 2 times
The Harrison All Day Folk Festival at The Harrison Pub, London, England
The Windmill, Brixton, England
King's Cliffe Active, King's Cliffe, England, 2 times
House concert, King's Cliffe, England
The King Arthur, Glastonbury, England, 2 times
The Sofa Sessions, Kettering, England, 2 times
The Sofa Sessions at Shaun and Sue's, Middleton, England

United States:

Caffe Lena, Saratoga Springs, NY
Deer Creek Coffee House, Darlington, MD
The Listening Room, Cold Spring, NY
The Red Door, Portsmouth, NH
Momo's, Austin, TX
Uncommon Ground on Devon, Chicago, IL
The Rambling House, Columbus, OH
Friendship House Concerts, Pittsburgh, PA
Crown and Hammer, Collinsville, CT
Tubac Deli, Tubac, AZ, 2 times
Asana Tea House, Santa Cruz, CA
Veranda Lounge, St. Cloud, MN
Sue's Coffee Roasting, Gilroy, CA
Beaners Central, Duluth, MN, 5 times
House concert at Putnam Smith's cabin, Durham, ME
Soul Springs Permaculture Farmhouse Concert, Harbor Springs, MI
Driftless Books and Music, Viroqua, WI
Windrush House Concerts, Barrington, IL
Saunders House Concerts, Rapid City, MI
The Cookery, Fish Creek, WI
Fredericksburg Songwriters' Showcase, Fredericksburg, VA
Six Rivers Brewery, McKinleyville, CA
Jackie O's Pub & Brewery, Athens, OH
Picks, Nashville, TN
Wolverine State Brewing Co., Ann Arbor, MI
Old Dog Tavern, Kalamazoo, MI
Northern Natural Winery, Benzonia, MI
Northern Natural Cider House, Traverse City, MI
Falling Rock Cafe and Bookstore, Munising, MI
Farm House barn concert, Ann Arbor, MI
open source studio, Grand Rapids, MI
James Russell Housing Co-op house concert, Grand Rapids, MI
First Congregational Church, Kalamazoo, MI
Short's Brewery, Bellaire, MI, 2 times
House concert at the Prancing Pony Pub, Traverse City, MI
House concert at Annie Rose's, Portland, OR
Fort George Brewery, Astoria, OR
House concert at Cuervo Acres, Princeton, TX
House concert at The Bottle Cap Barn, Edmond, OK
Kruk/Sadler house concert, Cold Spring, NY
House concert at Vince and Lori's, Jenkintown, PA
House concert at Jaimari's, Eugene, OR
Songwriters at Play at Shell Cafe, Pismo Beach, CA
The Waypost, Portland, OR
Orpheum Theater, Hancock, MI
Harbor Springs Street Musique, Harbor Springs, MI
The Ark, Viroqua, WI
Sir Benedict's Tavern on the Lake, Duluth, MN
The Mandolin Cafe, Tacoma, WA
Greenman Music Hall, Viroqua, WI
House concert at Casey & Danielle's, Takoma Park, MD
House concert at Benny's Pond, Skandia, MI
Woodlands Tavern, Columbus, OH
Red Raven Espresso Parlor, Fargo, ND
Four Buttes Supper Club, Scobey, MT
Dick's Den, Columbus, OH
Radio Bean, Burlington, VT
Barn concert, Brutus, MI Pierce house concert, Levering, MI
Kalkaska Youth Centre, Kalkaska, MI
Neahwanta Inn house concert, Traverse City, MI
Willow Creek Farm Concert Series, Belmont, MI, 2 times
Legends, Breckenridge, MN
One Trick Pony, Grand Rapids, MI
The Strutt, Kalamazoo, MI, 2 times
Good Work Collective, Traverse City, MI
Optimo Cafe, Viroqua, WI
The Root Note, La Crosse, WI
The Kinetic Playground, Chicago, IL
Ipsento Coffeehouse, Chicago, IL
Crazy Wisdom Bookstore and Tea Room, Ann Arbor, MI
The Red Mug, Superior, WI


Francis J. Winspear Centre, Edmonton, AB
The Black Dog, Edmonton, 6 times
Ironwood Stage, Calgary, 11 times
The Railway Club, Vancouver
The Sidetrack Cafe, Edmonton
Blues on Whyte, Edmonton, 5 times
The Dream Cafe, Penticton, BC, 4 times
Zirnhelt House Concert, Beaver Valley, BC
Mercury Room, Edmonton, AB
Berlinguette house concert, Sunnybrae, BC
Skinny Fat Jack's, Vancouver, BC, 4 times
Lafleche House Concert, Prince George, BC
Tractorgrease Cafe, Chilliwack, BC
Mayne Island Music Society show at the Ag Hall, Mayne Island, BC
Irish Mountain House Concerts, Meaford, ON
Festival Place, Sherwood Park, AB
The Geomatic Attic, Lethbridge, AB
The Exchange, Regina, SK
The Cameron House front room, Toronto, 12 times
The Cameron House back room, Toronto, 4 times
Pressed Cafe, Ottawa, ON
Lorenzo's Cafe, Enderby, BC, 2 times
Yardbird Suite, Edmonton, AB
Ye Olde Jar Bar, Medicine Hat, 3 times
The Bleeding Carrot
Innisbrook Golf Course, Barrie, ON
O'Hara House Concert, Toronto, ON
Quai des Brumes , Montreal, QC
Good Corner house concert, Grand Valley, ON
The Last Drop, Revelstoke, BC
House of Harmony, Fingal, ON
House concert at Liam & Dylan's, Canmore, AB
Acoustic Avenue house concert, Salmon Arm, BC
Wine-Ohs, Calgary, AB
Snedden House Concert, Kelowna, BC
Take Note! Music House, Orillia, ON
Blues Babes Guest House, South River, ON
Magnolia Cafe, Guelph, ON
Home Routes house concerts, Whitehorse, YT (4 shows)
Home Routes house concert, Mendenhall, YT
Home Routes house concert, Marsh Lake, YT
Home Routes house concert, Teslin, YT
Home Routes concert at the Rec Centre Lounge, Atlin, BC
Home Routes house concert, Dawson City, YT
Home Routes concert at the Community Centre, Old Crow, YT
Home Routes concert at the school, Old Crow, YT
Home Routes concert at the curling club, Mayo, YT
Dymianiw House Concert, Red Deer
Doyle family reunion, Edmonton
McDonald campground concert, Vermilion, AB
Centre for Spiritual Living, Edmonton, AB
Pollmann house concert, Townsend, ON
Gladstone Melody Bar, Toronto, ON
Park house concert, St. Catharines, ON
Haley House Concert, Kamloops, 2 times
Suddaby House Concert, Calgary
Lionel & Rosemarie's house concerts, Fort St. James, BC
Smithers Art Gallery, Smithers, BC
Treeplanters' party, Merritt, BC
Blackhawk Golf Course, Spruce Grove, AB
House concert at Matt and Lindsey's, Kingston, ON
Springbrook Multiplex Theatre, Springbrook, AB
Kergano's Food for the Soul, Moose Jaw, SK, 4 times
The Root Community Emporium, Lloydminster, SK, 3 times
Jasper Cultural & Historical Centre, Maple Creek, SK
Valemount Farmers' Market, Valemount, BC
a href="http://www.oldgristmill.ca">Old Grist Mill and Gardens, Keremeos, BC, 3 times
Grandview Stage, Rocky Mountain House, AB
'For No Good Reason' Shop Concerts, Calgary, 2 times
Piebird Guesthouse, Nipissing, ON
The Ship & Anchor, Calgary
Palomino Smokehouse, Calgary, 3 times
The Downstream Bar, Jasper, 5 times
The Pawnshop, Edmonton, 4 times
Chattaway Grove House Concert, Sangudo, AB
London Music Club, London, ON
The Happy Traveler, Guelph, ON
Mondragon Cafe & Bookstore, Winnipeg
Bushwakker Brewpub, Regina
Owl Acoustic Lounge, Lethbridge
McDougall United Church, Edmonton, 4 times
The Rabbit Hole, Grande Prairie, 2 times
The Branch Restaurant and Texas Grill, Kemptville, ON
Old North House Concert, London, ON
Brittany's Lounge, Edmonton
Nelson house concert, Edmonton, AB
O'Donovan-Zirhelt house concert, Canmore, AB
Woodland West house concert, Millarville, AB
Soroka house concert, Grand Forks, BC
Moonshine Cafe, Oakville, 4 times
Edmonton International Airport, 31 times
>Rocky Mountain Icehouse, Edmonton, AB
Trinity Baptist Church, Sherwood Park, AB
Royal Canadian Legion, Jasper
Accent Lounge, Edmonton, 3 times
Yellowhead Brewery, Edmonton
House concert at Rock Island Lodge, Wawa, ON
Rose N' Bee Pub, Winnipeg, MB
House concert at Liz & Jim's, Moose Jaw, SK
Royal Canadian Legion, Vermilion, AB
Bailey Theatre, Camrose, AB, 2 times
Fratters Speakeasy, Red Deer, AB
Bouchard house concert, Sudbury, ON
Jojo's Cafe, Edmonton
House concert at Stepping Stones Cabins, Beaver Mines, AB
Smalley wedding, Camp Maskepetoon, Pigeon Lake, AB
The Leaf Bar and Grill, Edmonton, AB
Ashley & Jen's (& later Jared's) house concerts, Nanton, AB, 2 times
Lund house concert, Red Deer, AB
Murphy's Pub, Leduc, AB
Little Mountain Gallery, Vancouver, BC
Wells Hotel Pub, Wells, BC
Dunster Fine Arts School, Dunster, BC
Deadwood Junction, Greenwood, BC, 2 times
Duggan's Boundary (was Devaney's Irish Pub), Edmonton, 34 times
Big Al's House of Blues, Edmonton, AB, 3 times
Donovan house concert, Calgary, 2 times
Law house concert, Calgary
Happy Nun Cafe, Forget, SK, 2 times
Ghostown Blues, Maple Creek, SK
The Black Sheep Inn, Wakefield, QC
Mitzi's Sister, Toronto, 2 times
Infinitea Tea Bar, Fernie, BC
The Central, Toronto
University of Alberta Hospital, Edmonton, AB
LB's Pub, St. Albert, AB, 5 times
Blackbird Coffee House, Coleman, AB, 2 times
Cha Island, Edmonton, AB
House concert at the old brothel, Nelson, BC
Monica's house concerts, Nelson, BC
House concert, Salt Spring Island, BC
White House concert, Calgary, AB
Fort Cafe, Victoria, BC, 2 times
Harbour City Concerts at #10 Buttertubs Drive, Nanaimo, BC
Cardboard House Bakery, Hornby Island, BC
Rapati House Concert, Denman Island, BC
Northern Quarter, Victoria, BC
Patty's Place, Whitehorse, YT
Cask and Barrel, Edmonton, AB
Cowichan Folk Guild concert, Providence Farm, Duncan, BC, 2 times
The Acoustic Grill, Picton, 2 times
O'Reilly's Pub, Perth, ON, 5 times
Grumpy's Bar, Montreal
King George Hotel, Cumberland, BC
The Hub 101, Powell River, BC
Cortes Co-op Cafe, Cortes Island, BC
House concert at Rain's place, Denman Island, BC
The Packing House, Spences Bridge, BC
House of Bridgland house concert, Ottawa, 2 times
Red Brick House Concerts, Mount Pleasant, ON
Rankin house concert, Nepean, ON
Bay City Music Hall, Hamilton, ON
Local Hero Bar, Golden, BC, 2 times
Live and Upfront house concert, Saskatoon, SK
The Pearl Company, Hamilton
Phog Lounge, Windsor
Princess Cafe, Waterloo
Cowboy Coffee, Princeton, BC
Thirsty Turtle Beach Bar, Osoyoos, BC
Alberta Bison Ranch house concert, Mayerthorpe, AB
Private Function at Clansmen Rugby Club, Edmonton
Waldorf School Fundraiser at Bonnie Doon Hall, Edmonton
North Country Fair Afterbender at Bonnie Doon Hall, Edmonton
House Concert at The Sweet Spot, Ottawa
The Royal, Nelson, 3 times
The Red Garnet, Peterborough, ON
House concert at Jen and Tony's, Kingston, ON
Renee's Cafe, South River, ON
The Griffin Gastropub, Bracebridge, ON
Tracks Pub, Olds, AB
The Glue Factory, Canmore, AB, 2 times
Bruno's Bar & Grill, Banff, AB
Lenny and Heather's wedding at Pleasantview Community Hall, Edmonton, AB
Truffle Pigs, Field, BC
Bacchus Books, Golden, BC
The Gorge Hall, Cortes Island, BC
Gallery House Concerts, Calgary, AB
New City Legion, Edmonton, AB, 2 times
Brittany's Lounge, Edmonton, AB
The Waverly Hotel, Cumberland, BC
Art Bank, Vancouver, BC
Old Crow House Concert, North Vancouver, BC
The Maquinna, Tofino, BC
The Army & Navy, Ucluelet, BC
Dymianiw house concert, Red Deer, AB
The Groove Kitchen, Cambridge, ON
Gus' Pub, Halifax
Secret Streetcar Concert, Edmonton, AB, 3 times
Tree House Cafe, Saltspring Island, BC, 3 times
The Queens Hotel, Nanaimo, BC
Degnen Bay House Concerts, Gabriola Island, BC
Denman Island Community Hall, BC
The Sugar Shack, Nelson
St. Andrew's Place, Sudbury
Nancy-O's, Prince George, BC, 6 times
UniTea Tea Room, Ashcroft, BC
The Singing Camel Gallery, Wells, BC
The Anglican United Church, Valemount, BC
Lambda Cabaret, Prince George, BC
Lolita's Lounge, Calgary, AB
Gold Pan City Dance Studios, Quesnel, BC, 2 times
The Townehouse, Sudbury
The Dunk (house concert), Breadalbane, PEI
Prickly Pear Cafe, Medicine Hat, AB
Crumbs Cafe, Fredericton, 2 times
House concert, Didsbury
The Company House, Halifax, 2 times
House concert at Shali & Steve's, Portuguese Cove, NS
U22 songwriting workshop at Expressionz Cafe, Edmonton
Songwriting Workshop at the Kump House, Edmonton
Grant MacEwan South Campus (for the Students' Association), Edmonton, 3 times
Just Us Cafe, Halifax
House of Reggae, Montreal
Barfly, Montreal
Johnny Ray's, Banff, 6 times
The Free Times Cafe, Toronto
The Tranzac Club, Toronto, 2 times
The Carleton, Halifax
House concert, Osoyoos
Bob's Bar, Riondel, BC
Rainbow Bistro, Ottawa, 3 times
The Apollo, Thunder Bay, 5 times
Serendipity Gardens, Rossport, ON, 2 times
Lake Life Music Co. house concert, Kenora, ON
Main Street Cafe, Nanton, 2 times
Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame, Calgary
Lindsay & Brenda's wedding, Beaver Mines, AB
Kids' concert at the Armstrong House, Edmonton
The Canmore Hotel, Canmore, 2 times
Jackdaw's, Calgary, 3 times
The Druid, Edmonton, 9 times
A Frame Gallery, Sioux Lookout, ON
King's College, Edmonton
Mersey House, Liverpool, NS
The Almanac, Stony Plain
Devlin's Martini Lounge, Edmonton
Blue Chair Cafe, Edmonton
The Artery, Edmonton, 9 times
Prism Bar, Edmonton
The Cavern, Winnipeg, MB
New City Likwid Lounge, Edmonton
Fresh Start Bakery, Edmonton, 6 times
Serenity Music, Birch Island, BC, 2 times
House concert at Marilyn's, Edson, AB
Early Stage Saloon, Stony Plain, 4 times
Scalliwag's Pub and Rum Bar, Camrose, AB, 15 times
Streaming Cafe, Kelowna, BC
Salmon Arm Downtown Activity Centre, Salmon Arm, BC
The Living Room Sessions, Edmonton
Filthy McNasty's, Edmonton
Whistle Stop Pub, Jasper, AB, 2 times
The Hideout, Red Deer, 2 times
Tim & Tyc's, Fort St. John, BC
Corktown Pub, Hamilton
Paintbox Lodge, Canmore, AB, 3 times
The Piston, Toronto
Terra Firma house concert, Ottawa
Raw Canvas, Vancouver
Jerry's Lounge, Thorsby, AB
Ryniak house concert, Edmonton, AB
House concert at Mike & Steph's, Sunnybrae, BC The Pint Southside, Edmonton
Vangeli's, Saskatoon
Miss Quincy's Farmhouse, Fort St. John, BC
Gazebo Park, Edmonton
The Slice, Lethbridge, 7 times
On The Rocks, Edmonton, 3 times
Karma Local Arts House, Calgary
The Dancing Bean, Chemainus, BC, 2 times
Zona's, Canmore, 2 times
City Media Club, Edmonton
The Grateful Fed, Kelowna
5th Avenue Cup & Saucer, Yorkton, SK, 2 times
Friday Night Lights, London, ON
Merrifield House Concert, Sudbury
The Auld Kirk, Thessalon, ON
House concert at Higgins Inn, Powell River, BC
Sassy's Place, Brentwood Bay, BC
White Rabbit Cafe, Kelwood, MB
Bluebelle Bistro, Kaslo, BC, 4 times
House concert at Heather & Tess', Nelson, BC
Pachman's house concert, St. Albert, AB
Eastern Sun Hut house concert, Retallack, BC
All Citizens, Bruno, SK
23 Main Street (formerly Java Express), Moose Jaw, SK, 2 times
Cedar Creek Cafe, Winlaw
House concert at the Hubb, Winlaw, BC
Joga's Espresso, Grand Forks, BC
The Legion, Tofino, BC
Twin Butte Store, Twin Butte, AB, 5 times
The Vat, Red Deer, 2 times
Redstone Restaurant, Red Deer, 4 times
Jimmy Jazz, Guelph
Global Village Backpackers Bar, Toronto
The Communitea, Canmore, 3 times
Paxson House Concert, Calgary
The Road House Tavern, Golden
The Empress Ale House, Edmonton, 11 times
Blue Dog Cafe, Cochrane, AB
A Bar Named Sue, Calgary, 3 times
The Bean on Burrard, Vanderhoof, BC
Farmers' Market, Fort St. James, BC, 2 times
Brixx Bar & Grill, Edmonton, 2 times
The Hose and Hound, Calgary
Middle Earth house concert, Lumby, BC
Hulbert's, Edmonton
The Nest at NAIT, Edmonton
Holly & Steve's House Concerts, Canmore, AB
Gitter's Pub, High River, 6 times
The Snoring Sasquatch, Creston
Sage Pub, Osoyoos
Stop & Shop Show, 4 times
House concert at Monica's, Edmonton
Switzer house concert, Nelson, BC, 2 times
Home Routes house concert, Annaheim, SK
Home Routes house concert, The Pas, MB
Home Routes house concert, Greenwater Lake, SK
Home Routes house concert at Doug & Ann's, Flin Flon, MB
Home Routes house concert at Tim & Elly's, Flin Flon, MB
Home Routes house concert, Thompson, MB
Snow Lake Motor Inn, Snow Lake, MB
Home Routes house concert, Swan River, MB
Home Routes house concert, Cranberry Portage, MB
Home Routes concert at the Info Centre, La Ronge, SK
Home Routes house concert at the Multicultural Centre, Prince Albert, SK
House concert, Prince Albert, SK
Qu'Appelle Valley Centre for the Arts, Fort Qu'Appelle, SK
Ellison's Market, Nelson, BC, 2 times
Sleep is for Sissies, Winlaw, BC, 2 times
Silverton Art Gallery, Silverton, BC
The Hitching Post, Hedley, BC
Suddaby House concert, Calgary
House concert at Upper Crust Cafe, Edmonton
The Velvet Olive, Red Deer, 3 times
Planet Ze Design Center, Edmonton
Packer's Place, Golden
House concert at Myles' place, Edmonton
Murietta's Bar and Grill, Edmonton
Union Street Cafe, Berwick, NS, 3 times
Trellis Cafe, Hubbards, NS
Crooked Cafe, Kaslo, BC
Riverdale Hall, Edmonton, 3 times
Jekyll & Hyde Pub, Edmonton
The Haven Social Club, Edmonton, 5 times
Del Pollo, Aldergrove, BC
The Carrot Community Arts Coffeehouse, Edmonton, 2 times
Sessions Cafe, Rothesay, NB
Pepper Jack Cafe, Hamilton, 2 times
The Spill, Peterborough
The Minstrel Cafe, Kelowna, 2 times
The Circus Room, Kitchener
The Hose and Hound, Calgary
Select Southside, Edmonton
JT's Tavern, St. Thomas, ON
Osborne Freehouse, Winnipeg
McNally's Tavern, Regina
Bugaboo Creek Pub, Fredericton
The Library Lounge, Fredericton
Ginger's Tavern, Halifax
Rose and Crown, Banff
Lydia's Pub, Saskatoon, 3 times
Biggar Majestic Theatre, Biggar, SK
Diamond Willow Artisan Retreat, Turner Valley, AB
Economy Shoe Shop, Halifax

BBK's, Whistler
The Vault, Nanaimo
The Stop, Black Diamond, AB, 3 times
Pappy's Cafe, Wabigoon, ON, 2 times
Shooters Bar, Kenora, ON
The Purple Crab, Vancouver
Squirrel Cove, Cortes Island, 2 times
Nokomis Hotel, Nokomis, SK
Naked Cyber Cafe, Edmonton, 2 times
Mikey's Juke Joint, Calgary, 2 times
Christine's Bar, Millbrook, ON
Transalta Arts Barns, Edmonton, 2 times
Bean Scene, Vernon
Sirdar Pub, Sirdar, BC, 2 times
Waterton Lakes Opera House, Waterton, AB, 2 times
Junction Creek Hub, Crawford Bay, BC, 3 times
John Ward Fine Coffee, Nelson, BC
Mozzie's Lounge, Penticton, BC
Edmonton Ukranian Centre
Boyle Street Community Centre, Edmonton
The Celtic Hall, Edmonton
Fibonacci Roastery & Cafe, Penticton, 4 times
Little Montreal, Sudbury
Loplop Lounge & Gallery, Sault Ste. Marie
The Surf Pub, Gabriola Island
Sixty-Six on Brock, Uxbridge, ON
the Human Bean, Cobourg, ON, 3 times
Che Lounge, Hamilton
Wunderbar Hofbrauhaus, Edmonton, 11 times
Pleasantview Community Hall, Edmonton, 3 times
Streaming Cafe, Kelowna
Matchbox Theatre, Red Deer
The Auditorium Hotel, Nanton, AB, 3 times
Borden Hotel, Borden, SK
Norfolk Tavern, Port Dover, ON
Lady of the Lake, Brandon, MB, 3 times
The Edge Gallery, Winnipeg
Rockwater Bar & Grill, Golden, 4 times
Tarbell's Cafe, Cumberland
Joe's Garage, Courtenay, 2 times
Voodoo's, Penticton
The Main on Main, Vancouver
Rock Bottom, Windsor
Spadina Freehouse, Saskatoon, 4 times
Merlot, Calgary
The WISE Hall, Vancouver, BC
Woodhaven Eco Retreat Centre, Kelowna, BC
House Concert at Robin & Camilche's, Yalakom Valley, BC, 2 times
House Concert at John's, Yalakom Valley, BC
The Art We Are, Kamloops, BC
Wells Hotel Pub, Wells, BC
Cafe Deux Soleils, Vancouver, 4 times
Full Circle Studio, Vancouver, BC
West Coast Sessions house concert, Nanaimo, BC
Johnson house concert, Saltspring Island, BC
Gorge Harbour Marina, Cortes Island, BC, 2 times
Paige House Concert, Cumberland, BC
Stowel Lake Farm house concert, Saltspring Island, BC
Iredale-Gray house concert, Victoria, BC
Leamen/Carter house concert, Winlaw, BC
Tongue n' Groove, Lethbridge, 3 times
The Cambie, Nanaimo
McKinney's Pub, Powell River
Trees Coffee House, Vancouver
O'Byrne's Irish Pub, Edmonton, 16 times
Starlight Lounge, Lethbridge
The Gallowranch House Concert, Kitchener
Pfeiffers' house concerts, Dundas
Rolla Pub, Rolla, BC, 2 times
Solstice Cafe, Victoria, 4 times
Leva Cappucino Bar, Edmonton, 3 times
Seedy’s, Edmonton
Fiddler’s Roost, Edmonton, 4 times
CJ's Cafe, Bronte, ON
Artspace, Prince George, 2 times
The Garage Showroom, Duncan, 2 times
Mountainside Café, Smithers
Original Joe's, Okotoks
The Fairview Pub, Vancouver
Tzvi's house concerts, Vancouver
Spiral Cafe, Victoria, 3 times
Sunset Restaurant (formerly the Tak), Cortes Island, 5 times

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